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Fun on the Net

"Funny" Web Sites

- Air Sickness Bags Museum -

Finally, a website that gives airplane barf bags the attention they deserve. In fact, it gives them much more attentions than they deserve. Make sure to take advantage of the "starter kit." You can recieve free barf bags! I did, and got a cool one from India. And also check out that cool "barf bags of the world" poster.

Butt Valley and Butt Creek

Where presumably everybody is anal. _ __=- Cook`d And Bomb`d -=__ _

The main site devoted to all things Chris Morris related.

The Darwin Awards

Have you contributed to cleaning out the gene pool yet?

Dictionary of All-Consonant Words

This free online resource includes several entries relating to SubGenius lore, including "G’D’Z’L," "JHVH-1," "N’N’n’," "ngn," "nhv’’gv," and "W’T’N."

The Living Script

A wiki-based playwriting project to produce a public domain play, written by everyone.

Moan My IP

Determine the IP address of your own Internet connection…and have it recited to you by a sexy woman's voice. Geek porn!

Strange New Products

A blog that features some of the most bizarre inventions available to buy today.


The Weird Site

An up-to-date listing of "weird" sites (where "weird" equals "funny" ); subscription service.

The Firesign Theatre

The official website of the Firesign Theatre - podcasting, weblog, clips, animations, news, CDs, T-shirts, and more crap!

- Product Of Neglect Art Collective Ltd. -

Website for a creative collective/cult based out of the West coast of Canada. Strange music (some Dobbsian bits), strange line graphics, weird words, might be one persons obsessive hobby, might be a few people's embarassing free time.

- Stitchy McYarnpants' Museum of Kitschy Stitches -

Funny, funny website featuring the worst hand knit 'fashions' of the 20th century. See models of every decade smile through clenched teeth as they pose in artisan garments made from the finest humanmade petrochemical fibers.

Vintage Ads

A LiveJournal community that revels in classic – and classically stupid – ads from magazines and newspapers of the early 20th century.


Stephen Colbert's very own wiki.

Geek Fun

Because in all of us there's an inner nerd just waiting to burst forth…

Arisia: Boston SF Convention

The biggest and best science fiction fan convention in the Boston area! (Too bad it's in January…)

Geocacheing for people with hand-held GPS devices.

Muskrat Central

Society for Creative Anachronisms

Steve Jackson Games

The Official Home of INWO SubGenius! Reverend Steve Jackson is one of the few great gaming geeks to not only make a LIVING from his hobby – he's also a LEGEND in the gaming world.

Online Gaming

FurryMUCK WebStation

It's the dreaded furries! (And I'm one of them! Mu-hahahaha!)

Gaia Online

One of the largest virtual worlds – it even has a SubGenius community.


Sic your thugs an' hos against rival gangs, and build lots of drug labs. This game is highly addictive - it's almost a drug in itself!


For ten years, Mirkwood has offered a loosely Tolkein-based adventure MUD (Multi-User Dimension),
featuring ANSI color, a newbie-friendly environment, talented and motivated coders, and the best
abbreviation system in any MUD anywhere.

Second Life