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Evidence Eliminator

You've probably gotten spam for this alleged "security" software called Evidence Eliminator. The first clue as to how worthy and effective this thing is should come from the fact that they use spam to promote it. I will never buy anything from a spammer, and I'm certainly not about to start now. But the real fun starts when we look into the ol' game of complaining to ISPs and accusing critics of being pedophiles and child molestors…

Here's a fun page from the folks at Evidence Eliminator, gleefully bashing their critics:

And here's the opposing point of view:

The folks at Evidence Eliminator have managed to snatch the domain for themselves and use it to advertise their e-slop, so obviously that location is not a good place to find the other point of review regarding this product. However, you may want to know that an interesting piece of freeware is available for download, called the Evidence Eliminator Eliminator.